Your question: What’s vegan at Cinnaholic?

Our rolls, brownies, cookies, cookie dough, cakes and beverages are all 100% vegan too!

Is everything at Cinnaholic vegan?

At Cinnaholic, we believe everyone has the power to make a positive change in the world—for our people, the animals and the planet. All our products are made with the highest quality ingredients, and are 100% vegan, dairy & lactose-free, egg-free and cholesterol-free.

Is anything vegan at Cinnabon?

According to Cruelty-Free Reviews, Cinnabon doesn’t currently offer any vegan food offerings – stating that the only items free from animal products are drinks such as coffee, soda, and juices. Everything else is said to contain milk or eggs.

Is Cinnaholic frosting vegan?

Cinnaholic only uses the highest-quality ingredients. … Vegan: All of our ingredients are 100% vegan including the sugar (our sugar is not filtered with bone char like most commercial sugars).

Did Shark Tank invest in Cinnaholic?

Throughout 2021, Cinnaholic projects to open 20 locations. When Cinnaholic founders Shannon and Florian Radke pitched their vegan cinnamon roll concept on ABC’s reality series “Shark Tank,” they wowed investor Robert Herjavec. He offered the two a deal—$200,000 in exchange for 40 percent equity.

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Is Cinnaholic a chain?

Cinnaholic is an American cinnamon roll bakery franchise founded in 2010 in Berkeley, California. The company is known for its made-to-order, gourmet vegan cinnamon rolls and other sweet treats.


Type Privately held company

How much does Cinnaholic cost?

How much does a typical Cinnaholic store cost to open? The average estimated buildout cost for a Cinnaholic franchise cost is $187,000 – $368,500, which includes the franchise fee. Among the major capital expenditures is the cost of configuring an existing retail site into a Cinnaholic store.

Can Vegans eat Auntie Anne’s?

Updated 2021!

You can now find Auntie Anne’s in nearly every mall, and sometimes in other retail locations. Many of the big, soft, doughy, twisted pretzels at Auntie Anne’s are dairy-free and vegan when ordered without butter. They’re great for noshing while shopping or running errands.

What is vegan at Starbucks?

14 Best Vegan Starbucks Drink And How To Order Them

  • Americano. …
  • Blended Strawberry Lemonade. …
  • Caffè Latte. …
  • Caramel Macchiato. …
  • Coconut Milk Latte. …
  • Flat White. …
  • Golden Ginger Drink. …
  • Iced Matcha Green Tea Latte.


Is Wetzel Pretzel vegan?

Vegan pretzels can also be found at multiple chains. Order Wetzel Bitz—hold the butter—or a Wetzel’s Original Pretzel at Wetzel’s Pretzels. At Auntie Anne’s, the Original, Cinnamon Sugar, Sweet Almond, Garlic, Jalapeño, and Raisin pretzels are all vegan, as long as you specify no butter.

How much does a Cinnaholic cinnamon roll cost?

Pricing For Cinnaholic To Cater Your Event Is At $1.25 Per Mini Cinnamon Roll, With A Minimum Order Of 12 Of The Same Flavor. Our Cinnacakes Are $40 (small), $50 (medium) And $60 (large) Including Frosting And Toppings.

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Are Annie’s cinnamon rolls vegan?

Annie’s Cinnamon Rolls

Most importantly, they are made with ingredients that you can actually understand (and are clearly plant-based!). These vegan cinnamon rolls are not certified vegan due to the possibility of cross-contamination, but the ingredients list is clean.

Can I order Cinnaholic online?

Order online and customize your cinnamon roll or cookie dough scoop with over 20 frostings and toppings at Curbside pickup available!

Which Shark owns Cinnaholic?

The vegan bakery received a deal from one of the investors, known on the show as “sharks,” to expand the business on-line. Owners Florian and Shannon Radke negotiated a $200,000 investment for 40% of the company from investor Robert Herjavec.

Is Cinnaholic successful?

“Our franchise model has proven successful time and time again. … A notable contributor to franchisees’ success is the relatively low cost of owning and operating a Cinnaholic location, specifically the small footprint (around 1,000 square feet) and low food and labor costs.

What happened foot fairy?

Foot Fairy after Shark Tank

It looks like the Foot Fairy deal didn’t happen, and the company failed after their Shark Tank appearance with only one comment in September of 2014. Their website is not functional.

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