What vegetarian foods are high in selenium?

Grain products tend to provide the highest levels of selenium but other foods like soy beans and tofu, along with certain nuts, seeds and different legumes also provide selenium. Consuming a variety of foods and including whole grains should help you to meet selenium requirements.

What fruits and vegetables are high in selenium?


Food Micrograms (mcg) per serving Percent DV*
Lentils, boiled, 1 cup 6 11
Bread, white, 1 slice 6 11
Spinach, frozen, boiled, ½ cup 5 9
Spaghetti sauce, marinara, 1 cup 4 7

What foods contain the most selenium?

Keep reading to learn which foods provide the most selenium.

  1. Brazil nuts. Brazil nuts are one of the best sources of selenium. …
  2. Fish. Yellowfin tuna contains about 92 mcg of selenium per 3 ounces (oz), making it an excellent source of selenium. …
  3. Ham. …
  4. Enriched foods. …
  5. Pork. …
  6. Beef. …
  7. Turkey. …
  8. Chicken.


What plant based foods have selenium?

The richest plant sources of selenium are cereals, grains and Brazil nuts, which can contain very high amounts of 68-91 micrograms per nut, according to the US National Institutes of Health, and too many of those could cause you to go over the upper limit. Fruit and vegetables also provide small amounts of selenium.

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How can vegans get more selenium?

Vegans in the U.S. and other areas with adequate selenium content in the soil, who eat a variety of foods including whole grains and beans, are likely to get enough selenium. Vegans in low selenium areas should eat Brazil nuts regularly and/or use a supplement supplying a moderate amount of selenium.

What is the best form of selenium to take?

What is the best form of selenium supplements? Selenium is available as selenomethionine, selenocysteine, selenite, and selenate (1). Selenomethionine and selenocysteine are better absorbed by the gut (11).

Do Almonds contain selenium?

Just a handful of almonds — approximately 1 ounce — contains one-eighth of a person’s daily protein needs.


Nutrient Amount in 1 ounce Daily adult requirement
Selenium (micrograms or mcg) 1.2 55
Folate (mcg, DFE) 12.5 300–400
Vitamin E (mg) 7.27 15
Cholesterol No data

What happens if you don’t get enough selenium?

Selenium deficiency can cause Keshan disease (a type of heart disease) and male infertility. It might also cause Kashin-Beck disease, a type of arthritis that produces pain, swelling, and loss of motion in your joints.

Is banana good for thyroid?

Vegetables: all vegetables — cruciferous vegetables are fine to eat in moderate amounts, especially when cooked. Fruits: all other fruits, including berries, bananas, oranges, tomatoes, etc. Gluten-free grains and seeds: rice, buckwheat, quinoa, chia seeds, and flax seeds.

How much selenium should I take daily for thyroid?

Selenium. Studies have shown that supplementing with 200 mcg of selenium per day may help decrease thyroid antibodies and improve mood in people with Hashimoto’s ( 16 , 17 ).

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What are the symptoms of selenium deficiency?

What are the symptoms?

  • infertility in men and women.
  • muscle weakness.
  • fatigue.
  • mental fog.
  • hair loss.
  • weakened immune system.


Do vegans lack selenium?

Summary: Selenium for Vegans

While selenium deficiency is rare, it is possible. On the other hand, selenium toxicity is also possible from high intake of selenium-rich foods like Brazil nuts, or from intake of supplements that contain high levels of selenium.

Does garlic contain selenium?

Most of our common foods, however, contain a very low level of selenium; for example, natural garlic contains <0.05 μg Se/g garlic (32). The selenium content of plants is dependent upon the amount of selenium in the soil.

How much selenium is in an egg?

One large egg can add about 28% of your daily selenium requirement. Most of this content is concentrated in the egg’s yolk. However, the egg whites have about 9 micrograms of selenium, which is a great option for people watching their cholesterol intake.

Is coffee a selenium?

Coffee contains a trace amount of selenium in the organic form, which is not significant for selenium supplementation [22] .

How does selenium help the thyroid?

Since it is incorporated into selenoproteins, which have an important antioxidant activity, selenium contributes to the antioxidant defense in the thyroid, by removing oxygen free radicals generated during the production of thyroid hormones [14, 15].

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