Quick Answer: Are Snack a Jack Rice cakes gluten free?

Are Snack a Jacks rice cakes gluten free?

Product Description. Snack-a-Jacks Rice Cakes are comes in caramel flavour. … These rice and corn snacks come in a diverse range of delicious sweet and savoury flavours. It contains only 3% fat and is suitable for vegetarians and coeliacs.

Is there gluten in Snack a Jacks?

Made in a factory that also handles: Milk, Wheat, Gluten, Barley, Soya, Celery, Mustard.

Is a snack a jack a rice cake?

Suitable for Vegetarians.

Are Snack a Jack Rice Cakes healthy?

Rice Cakes Nutrition

Whether or not rice cakes are a healthy snack is questionable. First off, they are low in calories and fat and offer a healthier crunch than many less healthy snack foods, such as potato chips. However, aside from the lower calorie content, they are pretty much devoid of anything else.

What is a good gluten free snack?

Gluten-free Meal Ideas – Snacks

  • Fresh fruit.
  • String cheese*
  • Rice crackers with peanut butter or cheese*
  • Popcorn*
  • Sliced veggies with gluten-free bean dip*
  • Canned fruit in its own juices.
  • Plain yogurt.
  • Applesauce with cinnamon.
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Are Snack a Jacks low fat?

Any flavour of Snack a Jacks is a decent bet for your afternoon snack – after all, they all have far fewer calories and less saturated fat than crisps – but we recommend the salt and vinegar ones, because they are so mouth-tinglingly vinegary.

What is a good low calorie snack?

Here are 32 healthy, low-calorie snack ideas.

  • Veggies and hummus. …
  • Apple slices with natural peanut butter. …
  • Coconut chips. …
  • Hard-boiled eggs. …
  • Homemade energy balls. …
  • Greek yogurt with berries. …
  • Banana with nut butter. …
  • Toasted pumpkin seeds.


How many points are Snack a Jacks?

Hope this helps. The large snack a jacks are about 1/2 point each, I eat tesco healthy living rice cakes which are 1/2 point each so im sure its the same.

Are Snack a Jacks dairy free?

Snack a Jacks are made in a factory that also handles milk, so they can’t guarantee that their products aren’t strictly suitable for vegans. However, if Snack a Jacks are your favourite crisps and you’re comfortable knowing this, then don’t stop!

How many grams in a snack a jack?

Flavour Salt_and_vinegar
Brand Snack a Jacks
Size 126 g (Pack of 8)
Item weight 126 Grams
Allergen information Contains: Soy, Celery may contain, Gluten may contain, Mustard may contain

Do Aldi sell rice cakes?

Harvest Morn Multigrain Healthy Rice Cakes 130g | ALDI.

Do Snack a Jacks contain Fibre?

View calories and nutrition info per 1 Cake/13g of Jumbo Snack-A-Jacks Caramel Rice Cakes and see how many calories are in 100g of Jumbo Snack-A-Jacks Caramel Rice Cakes and its nutrition information.

Calorie and Nutrition Values for 100g of Jumbo Snack-A-Jacks Caramel Rice Cakes.

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Calories 385
Fibre (g) 0.8
Alcohol (g)

Do rice cakes cause weight gain?

The low-calorie count of rice cakes may be a bonus, but they are not the best weight-loss food. Rice cakes digest quickly since they are devoid of a significant amount of fiber. The spike in blood sugar and insulin levels after ingestion of rice may cause weight gain.

Are rice cakes unhealthy?

High glycemic index.

A food’s glycemic index rating tells you about its effects on blood sugar. Rice cakes are a high glycemic index food, along with things like crackers, bagels, cakes, doughnuts, croissants, and white bread. Eating a lot of these foods may raise your risk of some health conditions.

Are rice cakes healthier than bread?

A serving of rice cakes is lower in calories than bread or crackers, but the difference is minimal. In fact, gram for gram, rice cakes may even have more calories. They’re also lower in fiber and nutrients compared to whole-grain bread or crackers.

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