Question: Which Yankee Candles are vegan?

Yankee candles are all vegan except for those with beeswax tapers (and it’s easy to check for these in store or online)! They are available at Yankee Candle official shops and in many well-known gift stores.

How do you know if a candle is vegan?

The only way to know if candles are vegan is by contacting the company directly and asking them or if the product or manufacturer clearly states that its vegan on their packaging. Alternatively, you can make your own candles at home.

What type of wax are Yankee candles made from?

Yankee Candles are made from paraffin wax. The wax and fragrance oils used in Yankee Candles are sensitive to both temperature and light.

Does Yankee Candle use animal testing?

“Our candles are not animal tested. And do not contain any animal or insect ingredients. They are made with a food grade paraffin wax. I hope this information is helpful.”

Do Yankee candles contain beeswax?

A direct call to the company confirmed that Yankee uses refined paraffin wax in their candles.

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Why is paraffin wax not vegan?

Paraffin Wax Candles

Candles made from paraffin wax might appear on the face of it to be vegan friendly. Paraffin wax is derived from paraffin and ultimately crude oil, which is vegan friendly (if we discount the fact crude oil might contain fossilised remains of animals, a fact most vegans decide they can live with).

Do Yankee candles use animal fat?

Animal-derived ingredients in candles may include beeswax and stearic acid which is made from animal fat. … Yankee Candle is the most popular brand of candles in the world and the good news is that most of their candles are vegan-friendly.

Why are soy candles bad?

A candle using soy wax is processed (like other candles) and can have additives (like other candles) to make it burn. There’s no significant, scientifically backed evidence to prove that soy wax is in any way less harmful, or cleaner burning than other wax types.

Why Yankee Candles are bad?

Your Yankee Candles of the world still rely on Paraffin wax, which throws scent well, but produces numerous toxic carcinogens and emits harmful vapors into the air. These toxins are very unsafe and can even cause cancer if too much is ingested. … This is the result of the candle consuming more wax than it can burn.

Are Bath and Body Works candles toxic 2020?

Our candles are safe when used as directed on the label. They undergo extensive quality and safety testing under rigorous burn and use conditions and meet or exceed all applicable industry and government standards for safety and performance.

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Are Yankee Candles bad for you?

The researchers found that the level of chemicals released by each type of candle was well below the amount that would cause human health problems. At this time, there’s no conclusive evidence that burning candle wax is damaging to your health.

Are Bath and Body Works candles cruelty free?

Bath & Body Works is not cruelty-free. They may test on animals, either themselves, through their suppliers, or through a third party. … “Bath & Body Works policy prohibits the testing of our branded products, formulations and ingredients on animals except in rare cases when required by government regulations.

What candles are non toxic?

Here are a few nontoxic candle brands to get you started.

  • Grow Fragrance Candles. SHOP NOW AT Grow Fragrance. …
  • Slow North Candles. SHOP NOW AT Slow North. …
  • Brooklyn Candle Studio Candles. SHOP NOW AT Brooklyn Candle Studio. …
  • Pure Plant Home Candles. SHOP NOW AT Pure Plant Home. …
  • Keap Candles. SHOP NOW AT Keap. …
  • Heretic Candles.


What are the cleanest burning candles?

Soy candles, beeswax candles, and vegetable-wax based candles that are 100% (not blended with paraffin) are your best options.

Guidelines for Selecting a Clean Candle

  • Are made from 100% beeswax, vegetable-based waxes, or soy.
  • Feature wicks made from cotton.
  • Have 100% essential oils for fragrance.

Why is Yankee Candle so expensive?

In addition to the Yankee Candles being long lasting and smelling great, they are also 100% natural. Products that are 100% natural, not tested on animals, and better for the environment are naturally more expensive. Part of this is because sourcing natural products has become more and more expensive.

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What is the Yankee Candle birthday gift?

Sign up for Yankee Candles’ new Rewards Program. It’s FREE to join. You’ll earn FREE Candle Cash and a get a FREE Birthday Gift. In May 2021, they were sending out birthday emails good for a FREE Small Jar Candle of your choice – $13 Value!

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