Is Lord Ganesh vegetarian?

“I don’t think they realise how revered a God Ganesha is within the Hindu community and by and large the Indian community,” he said. “[He is a] vegetarian teetotaller, and that’s really God for us and most of the Indian community. … He said Ganesha was one of Hinduism’s most important gods.

Does Ganesha eat meat?

Australian ad showing Ganesha eating meat seems to have been taken down in India. … In the ad, Ganesha tucks into lamb meat with other religious figures including Jesus, Moses, Buddha, Zeus, Aphrodite, Obi Wan Kenobi and Scientology founder Ron Hubbard.

Can we eat non veg on Ganesh?

In fact, the family, which organises a five-day Ganesh festival, ensures that liquor and non-vegetarian food are offered as naivedya from the third day of the festival to the fifth day.

Are all Hindu gods vegetarian?

According to a 2006 survey, only 31 percent of India’s population, home to the vast majority of the world’s Hindus, are vegetarian. It is also true that there are some Hindu deities who are offered meat. … But the vast majority of food offerings to Hindu deities today are vegetarian in nature.

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What is Ganesh eating?

As per Hindu mythology, Ganpati Bappa as he fondly called by his devotees, was fond of eating sweets. Modaks were one of his favourite sweets. This is how He came to be known as Modakpriya, which means the one who loves modak. Lord Ganesha is offered 21 modaks as bhog and served as prasad.

Did any Hindu god eat meat?

Shiva’s meat eating habits become more defined in the early Puranic literature. … For the high tradition, defined by Brahmins, Shiva became a vegetarian god. The sects offering meat to Shiva as a prayer ritual, such as the Kaula Kapalikas and the Kalamukhas, were declared heretical according to the Skanda Purana.

Did Lord Krishna eat meat?

In Lord Krishna’s time it was natural for everyone including Brahmanas to eat meat. Kshatriyas ate meat as well. But there is no proof (AFAIK) to say conclusively whether Krishna ate meat or not. His personal choice is not known.

On which days we should not eat non veg?

Hindus do not eat non vegetarian food like chicken, meat or fish or any other Non Vegs on particular days, not limited but including: Mondays, Thursdays, and Saturdays of every week, many more auspicious days like Yekadashi, Sankranti, Dussera, Sankashti Chaturthi, Angarki Chaturthi, Ekadashi, Gudhipadwa, Akshaytrutiya …

Is eating non veg a sin in Hinduism?

Hinduism does not require a vegetarian diet, but some Hindus avoid eating meat because it minimizes hurting other life forms. Vegetarianism is considered satvic, that is purifying the body and mind lifestyle in some Hindu texts.

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Can Hindu eat eggs on Thursday?

Of course you can have eggs on Thursday. You can eat eggs anytime you want. One of my siblings used to do that, eat 12 for breakfast, 12 for lunch.

Did Hindu Gods drink alcohol?

From its colorful traditions to the supreme deities, everything has its uniqueness. One such unique god in the queue is Kal Bhairav. The peculiar thing about him is that he is the Indian God who drinks liquor. Yes, you read that right, people offer alcohol to the deity.

Did Buddha eat meat?

According to the Mahāyāna Mahāparinirvāṇa Sūtra, a Mahayana sutra giving Gautama Buddha’s final teachings, the Buddha insisted that his followers should not eat any kind of meat or fish. Even vegetarian food that has been touched by meat should be washed before being eaten.

What is the Favourite food of Lord Shiva?

No doubt, Bhaang is the favourite food of Lord Shiva. The drink is made from crushed hemp leaves. It is also said that the drink helps to cure many ailments and get rid of all sorts of pain. Milk or any sweet made with milk is offered on Shivratri.

What do you eat on Ganesh fast?

Apart from fruits, sabudana khichdi and curd rice, the devotees can eat sweets including til ka ladoo (sesame sweetmeat), gajak and rewari (sweets made of sesame and jaggery), along with tea and coffee. People strictly restrain from non-vegetarian food and alcohol.

Does Ganesh like banana?

An array of fresh seasonal fruits are offered to Ganpati during the celebrations, but his love for bananas surpasses them all.

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What can we eat on Wednesday Ganesh fast?

There are a few food items that Ganesha is associated with.

  • Motichoor laddoo. Clearly, Ganesha loves all things sweet, and his ample belly is proof of that. …
  • Puffed rice. …
  • Bananas. …
  • Durva grass.


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