Are the Hairy Bikers vegan?

Famous for their love of meat, motorbikes and ‘man food’, the Hairy Bikers are unlikely advocates of a vegetarian lifestyle. But, having shed more than six stone between them by concocting quick and easy dishes that were also low in calories, the pair have now cooked up a book of meat-free recipes.

Are the Hairy Bikers a couple?

Dave Myers and Si King family

Dave has been married to his wife Liliana Orzac since 2011 and together they co-parent Liliana’s two children from a previous relationship. Si revealed last year he was set to move to Australia to tie the knot with his girlfriend, also a chef, Michelle Cranston.

What happened to the Hairy Bikers Meals on Wheels?

The Hairy Bikers front a campaign to save Meals on Wheels. … At its height this iconic institution delivered more than 34 million meals to the elderly and infirm, but over the last eight years the number of Meals on Wheels delivered nationwide has plummeted by over a third.

Do the Hairy Bikers have a Michelin star?

Big hearted, down-to-earth cooks with a love of good food, they have been cooking together for more than twenty years. They have created haute cuisine dishes with Michelin-starred chefs and travelled the world in the pursuit of great food.

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Are the Hairy Bikers real chefs?

David Myers (born 8 September 1957) and Si King (born 20 October 1966) collectively known as the Hairy Bikers, are British television chefs. They have presented a range of television shows that combine cooking with the travelogue format, mostly for the BBC but also for the now-defunct Good Food channel.

Are the hairy bikers still friends?

And while weathering the storms of divorces and health scares, the pair have remained steadfast pals. Now, five years after separating from his first wife of 27 years, Si, 53, reveals he is tying the knot with Australian chef Michele Cranston.

Are the Hairy Bikers Vikings?

Unable to enter Russia with their motorbikes, Dave resorts to borrowing a post war Ural, the very first bike he ever owned, complete with sidecar and a habit of breaking down. … And they are in for a real surprise; Si and Dave both reckon they have Viking blood – a DNA test will reveal if they do.

When did the hairy bikers lose weight?

They are in Dublin to publicise their latest book, The Hairy Dieters Make It Easy, and are looking appropriately trim, having each lost three stones in a three-month period in 2012, in the process spawning a lucrative weight loss offshoot to their cooking and travel shows and books.

How much are hairy bikers worth?

One-half of Hairy Bikers, David Myers, has a total net worth of $4 million. He gathered this much money from his earlier profession as a television producer and appearances on multiple dancing shows. Meanwhile, the other half of Hairy Bikers, Simon James King, has a staggering net worth of $400 million.

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Is there a hairy bikers comfort food book?

The Hairy Bikers’ British Classics: Over 100 recipes celebrating timeless cooking and the nation’s favourite dishes. Great On Kindle: A high quality digital reading experience.

How old are the two hairy bikers?

Dave Myers, 62, is a British television cook that has enjoyed almost two decades of success as one half of the Hairy Bikers, alongside Si King, 53.

What did Hairy Bikers do before cooking?

King (left in picture) worked in TV and film production before he joined up with Dave Myers for ‘The Hairy Bikers’ Cookbook’ eight years ago. … We met on the set of a Catherine Cookson TV drama, The Gambling Man. I was the second assistant director and Dave was head of prosthetics, hair and make-up.

Where is Hairy Bikers Best of British filmed?

The Hairy Bikers’ filming location Shad Thames flat for sale with permission to moor a boat on the dock below it. A one-bedroom apartment used as a filming location by culinary duo The Hairy Bikers is for sale in Shad Thames.

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